Oracle Database Administration:
We operate an in-house Oracle certified consultancy (OCP) for 19c specialising in large commercial database systems. We offer a full service including design, provisioning, performance tuning and data warehousing.

Existing equipment: Servicecentre will perform a system audit to establish a security risk assessment for the full system. Having identified any area of risk, Servicecentre will provide advice / remedies as per requirement.

New systems: On new system installations, Servicecentre will configure the equipment to minimise the risk of security breaches. It is our belief that servers should be individually "clamped down", only exposing those ports and services necessary for operation of the server.

Resilience and redundancy planning:
Experience has taught us that there is no 'normal' client requirement, as each situation is unique. Servicecentre offers individual client resilience and redundancy planning, from base machines to the highly sophisticated

Hardware: Whilst we have taken great care to design our servers for performance and reliability, the real world teaches us that failures occur. Accordingly we have a number of contingencies available to suit most situations including: -
'Hot swap' servers, interchangeable disks, mirrored servers, a back up servers are some of the options available.

Software: Software and data is comprehensively backed up as part of the security protocols and for continual run management, a Software Director can be deployed to monitor and immediately react to problems by diverting traffic to other servers.

WAN and LAN design, installation and support:
WAN: Servicecentre can design, supply and support wide area networks exploiting the benefits of VPNs, VoIP, mobile internet and other internet based technologies to provide the best in integrated business communications.

LAN: As well as network infrastructure, Servicecentre can supply and integrated solution for your local office needs with PCs, servers and notebooks from leading manufacturers, Microsoft server and productivity solutions and a range of security and business management tools tailored to your needs.