Quality, Reliability, Support, Security and Scalability are the key words for any serious web site operator. The Internet has quickly evolved to become a powerful and sophisticated tool with which businesses can build strong and interactive relationships with clients, partners and suppliers - and on a geographical basis previously unparalleled.

But it is also a place were hard won reputations are critically at risk to third party diligence in hosting.

With a strong history of responsibility for facilities management for major corporate sites, Servicecentre was well placed to appreciate the real need for peace of mind for those who hold the crucial responsibility for 'serious' web site performance.

Direct exposure to the problems and consequences of third party hosting led Servicecentre to develop a comprehensive managed hosting facility to address the fundamental need for total dependability.

We believe that peace of mind stems from hardware reliability, software performance, quality of connectivity, security, whilst recognising that in the real world when things go wrong, downtime is minimised by comprehensive contingency planning combined to a 24x7 in-house service engineers support service.