Servicecentre designed the key parameters for all of its servers with two aims in mind - reliability and performance. With this in mind, the range of hosting facilities offered is comprehensive - from simple shared server systems for smaller operators to dedicated multiple high performance, high availability specialist users.

We can supply and manage servers running your choice from CentOS (Linux) and Windows Server.

Our hosting experience covers a broad range - from Virtual Servers, to high performance Script Application Servers, and database servers.

This flexible and modular approach allows individual client requirements to be easily accommodated - no matter how complex the requirements.

In order to provide the best solution for clients, all equipment and facilities are available on an optional monthly lease to provide the optimum technical solution, but without the up-front financial burden.

We can supply equipment from all leading vendors including HPE, Dell and Supermicro, These servers have a high level of reliability as a result of their design parameters; additionally we are able to offer further facilities that ensure that in the event of either a software or hardware failure, the site will remain functional.

These highly reliable Servers are also available in tandem pairs with the added precaution of a Software Director (see Software below)

Software systems:
All standard and specialist client software requirements can be accommodated.

Further peace of mind may be gained by a Servicecentre solution specifically designed for operators requiring the highest level of confidence in reliability, a Software Director as a more cost effective solution than Cisco LocalDirectors for smaller installations. When installed it will distribute load and automatically react to a problem by immediately shutting down the affected server, diverting all traffic to the available system.