Servicecentre Comprehensive Support:

System support:
For those clients who demand optimum reliability and performance it is not only important that hardware / software systems are designed and installed to produce dependable performance, but also that there is total peace of mind in the knowledge that the Servicecentre in-house support engineers are on standby to effect rapid and all inclusive hardware and software cover.

The support team operates on the basis of: -

· Normal office hours - direct access to an engineer for software configuration support (Apache, Sendmail, Oracle and MySQL etc) and immediate response to notification of hardware/software problems

· Out of hours - a team of in-house engineers is on emergency standby (24hr / 365) to address hardware and software availability problems within a maximum of a half an hour from notification.

Back ups:
Servicecentre believes in the 'belt and braces' approach to backup support. The methods adopted are listed below and are run in parallel: -

· Daily backups are written to an dedicated backup server
· Daily backups are also written to DVD or tape and are stored in a fire proof safe.
· Periodical backups are stored off-site.
· More frequent backups can optionally be made to suit client needs
· Hard disc snapshots can be taken allowing rapid recovery from a total disaster

Performance, reliability and dependability are the key issues that Servicecentre seeks to address in the above service. If clients require further specialist support, we are happy to discuss custom support packages to address specific needs.

Security support:
Most security breaches occur as a result of failure to regularly install security related updates and patches. Servicecentre will ensure that your server is has the latest security related patched and updates installed within two working days of their release. We will also advise you of threats that do not have solutions at that point.

Security monitoring:
Our automated monitoring systems regularly check which ports and services your server makes visible to the Internet. Should these change, for example, through accidental re-configuration or by deliberate action, you will be informed of the change and the associated risk. We will also regularly audit the security settings on your server.

Intrusion Detection: (Servicecentre managed systems)
Intrusion detection systems can be installed and managed to provide an early warning of any breach of security

The above security management services are separately available for client owned machines.

In the case of Servicecentre taking the responsibility for a client lease/support option, these services are included within the standard support agreement.

For those clients requiring additional security requirements can be accommodated and are charged for on an individual requirement basis.